Christian Csida, BSc

Nutritionist and Fitness instructor

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About me

Sport and Nutrition are my Passion in life. While I've always been athletic, for many years my diet consisted mainly of sweets, frozen pizza and toast. When you're young, this is easy to compensate for, but sooner or later an unhealthy eating habit as well as a lack of physical activity will become noticeable in the form of illnesses as well as a lack of energy and drive.
Eating healthy sounds easier in theory than it often is in practice. On the one hand, the supermarket shelves are full of products that advertise with slogans such as "reduced sugar", but at the same time are accompanied by an increased fat content. In addition, most of the time we have a stressful workday which leads us to neglect our diet and exercise first. We also often believe that healthy food does not taste good to us, but it is the tasty preparation of healthy food that counts. Because no matter how healthy a product is, if it doesn't taste good, it won't be eaten. And last but not least, there are various things to consider in a balanced diet, such as the macro- and micronutrient composition.
As a nutritionist and fitness instructor, I would like to use my knowledge and experience to support you on the way to a vital life..



Sport Nutrition (Performance improvement; fat loss & muscle growth)
Vegetarianism & Veganism
Pregnancy and lactation period
Diverse Diets (zB. Interval fasting, Mediterranian Diet)

Finished Education

Fitness instructor licence at Holmes Place in Vienna
Bachelor in Nutrition Science at University Vienna

Ongoing Education

Master in Molecular Biology with specialization in Chromosome and RNA Biology

Relevant Job Experience

Nutritionist and Fitness instructor at Holmes Place
Sportanimateur at Vila Vita Pannonia
Fitness instructor at MedX and Fitnessunion


Volkshochschule Wien

Fitness Union
Vila Vita

Pannoneum Neusiedl am See


Just like how mechanics keep your car running smoothly, I keep your body in top gear!

If you are insured at SVS, then take advantage of your Gesundheitshunderter and receive up to €100 back for your health promotion

Introductory talk (phone call) 10 min free


Nutritional counseling (NC) 1h. 80 €
NC Introductory phase first 3 Sessions 225 €


Fitness counselling ½h 35 €
Workout Plan for 4-6 Weeks 40 €

Personal Training

Personal Training (PT) 1h. 75 €
PT Introductory phase first 3 Sessions 210 €
PT 5 Session Package 5 Sessions 375 €
PT 10 Session Package 10 Sessions 700 €


Fitness counselling & Workout plan ½ 70 €
Personal Training & Fitness counselling 1½h 90 €
Nutritional counseling & Fitness counselling 1½h 100 €
Personal Training & Nutritional counseling 2 Std. 140 €

24/7 Online Coaching

included when at least 2 PT or 2 NC in a Month!

via App per Month 99 €

Other services

Workshops und Lectures on request

How does nutritional counseling work?

How does personal training work?

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7152 Pamhagen

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2. Information and deletion

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3. Data security

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4. Use of data

Christian Csida Nutritional Counselling will not process the data provided to it for purposes other than those covered by the counselling or by your consent or otherwise by a provision for purposes in accordance with the GDPR. An exception to this is the use for statistical purposes, provided that the data provided has been anonymised.

5. Transmission of data to third parties

In order to fulfil your order, it may be necessary to forward your data to third parties (e.g. insurance companies, service providers we use and to whom we make data available, experts, etc.). Your data will only be forwarded on the basis of the GDPR, in particular for the fulfilment of your order or on the basis of your prior consent. In the context of nutritional counselling and care, factual and case-related information may also regularly be obtained from you by third parties. The above-mentioned recipients of your personal data may be based outside your country of residence or process your personal data there. The level of data protection in other countries may not correspond to that in Austria. However, Ernährungsberatung Christian Csida only transfers your personal data to countries for which the EU Commission has decided that they have an adequate level of data protection, or takes measures to ensure that recipients have an adequate level of data protection through standard contractual clauses to be concluded (2010/87/EC and/or 2004/915/EC), or on your behalf.

6. Disclosure of data breaches

Ernährungsberatung Christian Csida endeavours to ensure that data breaches are avoided but, if necessary, are identified at an early stage and reported to you or the relevant supervisory authority without delay, including the respective categories of data involved.

7. Retention of data

Ernährungsberatung Christian Csida does not retain data for longer than is necessary to fulfil contractual or legal obligations and to preserve evidence in the event of liability claims.